Box Lunches: Perfect For Company Meetings

If you work for a company that has frequent meetings, like a busy search engine marketing business chances are some of these meetings occur during lunch time. Since you probably don’t want to host a meeting with a group of hungry and therefore on edge executives, planning for lunch is essential. Many companies are opting to provide box lunches for employees in attendance of meetings, especially when these meeting last for multiple hours during the day.

Benefits of box lunches

sample box lunchThere are many benefits of providing box lunches for corporate meetings. First of all, it saves a great deal of time. I find that ordering DeFazios box lunches (best in the city of Richmond) makes the whole team more productive. When you choose a quality careering service, the meals will be conveniently delivered and set up, preventing the need for those in attendance to leave. Everyone can simply serve themselves, and the meeting can continue while everyone eats, or a short break can be taken while everyone finishes their meal.

Another benefit of providing box lunches for corporate meetings is that it can be a great way to “treat” employees. If a company owner feels that their employees have been working hard and need to be recognized, then providing a great-tasting, free and convenient lunch could be the perfect way to do so.

A company that has lunch catered for company meetings on a regular basis can also enjoy other benefits. These benefits can include special pricing, which can save the company money, free extras, and much more. The exact benefits will depend on the specific restaurant that is hired to provide the catering.

Types of cuisine

which types of food most agreeable chart



Depending on where a company is located, there are numerous choices available when it comes to choosing a specific cuisine. The specific type of cuisine will depend on which restaurants provide catering in the specific area, as well as the specific type of food that the employees in attendance prefer. Of course there is Chinese, Italian, French, pizza, subs/salads, and much more.

With more and more people experiencing food allergies and sensitivities, increasing amounts of restaurants are offering allergy-free alternatives, such as gluten-free choices. This is especially true in larger metropolitan areas, although smaller cities and towns are offering allergy-free choices, as well.

It should be relatively easy to find the restaurants in a particular area that offers alternative foods for catering. The choices could consist of salads, chicken, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, and more. The person in charge of coordinating lunch plans may want to ask everyone who will be attending the meeting if anyone has any special dietary needs so that the right restaurant can be chosen for the catering.

Meetings are often necessary for companies, for many different reasons. Since these company meetings often run through lunch time, opting to provide box lunches is a great way to ensure that the meeting isn’t interrupted so employees can go to lunch. Allowing those in attendance to leave for lunch could result in an unnecessary interruption that could disrupt the flow of the meeting. Italian style catering is a great way to provide convenient corporate lunches in many cases. It would enable executives to enjoy salads, sandwiches, and a great deal more, while simultaneously handling business.


Kid-Friendly Recipe #1: Pizza Bagels

I try my best to be a healthy mom for my growing son. I do a lot of meal preparation at home on the weekends, making enough healthy meals to last through the week, then I pop them into the freezer and voila. Homemade frozen dinners that are healthy, without all the awful processed ingredients and preservatives. But… I’m only human, so sometimes on the weekends I’d rather spend the majority of my time playing with my son and my husband instead of sweating in the kitchen all day. But this doesn’t mean that after school I take the family out to McDonald’s or order a giant, greasy pizza from down the road. Instead, I like to get my kid (and my husband if there isn’t a football game on) involved in making dinner. I want to make sure that he grows up with plenty of information on nutrition and enough cooking skills to ensure that he’ll make healthy choices in the future.

pizza bagelsOne of our favorite, easy-to-make , after-school recipes are pizza bagels. We really like pizza (who doesn’t?!), but hate how gross all the grease and overdose of cheese make us feel afterwards. We also all have very specific preferences on what goes on our pizza – my husband likes pepperoni, sausage, and bacon on his. I on the other hand prefer anchovies and onions for toppings, which means that I almost never get to choose pizza toppings when we go out. And our son is lactose intolerant, so he can’t have cheese, but he really likes pineapple and ham on his pizza. Creating our own individual pizza bagels allows us to each have what we want, and also determine how the ingredients get cooked.

To prepare, I set up all of the necessary ingredients out on the kitchen table. Bagels, a jar of marinara sauce, cheese and all of the other toppings. I cut up the pineapple, ham, pepperoni, and onions into small pieces, and then I pre-cook the sausage and bacon. Only the meats like sausage and bacon need to be browned on the stove beforehand – all the rest can be thrown on just before going into the oven, unless you like caramelized onions like I do. I then let the oven pre-heat to 400 degrees, and wait for my husband to come back from picking our son up at his Independence preschool.

Once everything is all set up in the kitchen, we all get our own bagel halves, which we spoon marinara sauce over. You could even use pesto instead of marinara if you prefer. Then we sprinkle the cheese – vegan cheese for my son – on over the sauce, and add all of our favorite toppings. Once our pizza bagels are ready, I place them all on a baking sheet and into the oven they go! I check on them every couple of minutes or so and take them out where the cheese is melted and the bagels are a nice golden-brown – usually about 10-12 minutes. When they’re done, I like to let them cool down a bit, and then we eat!

I’m no “supermom.” I can’t pretend that I have all the time in the world for gourmet, home-cooked meals every day of the week. But sometimes something simple and easy to make like pizza bagels can go a long way for nutritional eating and spending time with family. Have fun!

Dinner Party on a Budget: Hosting a Potluck

For a large family on a tight budget, we’re not always able to go out to eat with our friends at a restaurant or provide a full four-course dinner at our home. And preparing a huge meal for a large group of people involves a lot of planning and preparation time, as well as a decent sum of money for purchasing quality ingredients. As a working mother, time and money are two things that I don’t particularly have at my disposal, so I’ve had to come up with an alternative to the infamous “dinner party.” You’ve most likely heard of a potluck.

potluckIf you haven’t, a potluck is where instead of the host providing a meal for the guests, each guest brings a dish to share with everyone. With a potluck, the burden of grocery shopping and food preparation is divided and shared among the entire group, making it a cost-effective alternative to a dinner party. But if you are familiar with potlucks, you’re probably aware of the various ways that they can go wrong. Guests might end up not showing, leaving you with six side dishes and no main dish. Or, you may end up with eight pans of brownies and nothing else (although that doesn’t sound like too much of a problem to me!). If you’re interested in hosting your own potluck for family members and friends, here are some pointers to consider:

Create a theme

With a theme, you avoid the risk of having a variety of foods that don’t go well together – think tuna casserole, kimchi fried rice, puttanesca, and Jell-O all appearing on your dining room table. Keep the theme simple, such as a “taco party” theme where you supply the shells and each guest brings a topping.

Make a plan and a sign-up sheet

Even if you choose not to have a theme, you can plan out what you’d like people to bring, and send out the list and have people mark their names next to what they will be bringing. This way, you won’t end up with five crockpots of chili. You can be as specific as indicating exactly what dishes you’d like people to bring, or you can leave it open, like “side dish,” “appetizer,” and “main dish.”

Make sure you have more than one option for each course in case a guest doesn’t show up, or if someone doesn’t like one of the options. And don’t forget to include drinks, ice, plates, and anything else you’d like guests to bring.


Let guests know how many will be attending, so they can prepare enough food to share. Not all guests will eat a full serving of each dish, so if you have 15 guests coming, you could prepare a dish enough to serve maybe 6-8.

To-go containers

If you’re concerned about having too many leftovers in your refrigerator, tell guests to bring their own to-go containers so that they can bring home leftovers.

A potluck is a great way for you and your friends to get together and share each other’s recipes and favorite foods. With some simple planning, you can host a fun, memorable dinner party without blowing the bank. And if all else fails, this Plainview deli offers a catering service to supply your party with all the food you and your guests need. Maybe you can all split the cost!

Healthy Eating for Seniors

seniors grocery storeMy mother lives in Indiana, and whenever I come to visit, I always bring plenty of food to share with her and leave behind, just to make sure she’s eating healthily. But she always tells me that she’s just not that hungry, and that food simply doesn’t taste the way it used to. I can’t even imagine – I think I’ll always love food. But even though she might not eat it all, I still try to help prepare foods that have all the necessary nutrients that she needs, so I know for sure that what little she eats, she’s at least eating healthily.

As we get older, we become less physically active and our taste buds become less sensitive. The combination of the two can often cause a decrease in appetite for many seniors like my mom. Having a decreased appetite might not necessarily mean starving to death, but it could result in malnutrition if the few meal choices a senior makes have little or no nutritional value. As our parents reach the age when they’re becoming more and more dependent on the help of others, it’s important that we step up and ensure that they are living healthy lives.

When I’m preparing meals to bring to my mother’s house, these are the types of food that I always keep in mind:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy/calcium
  • Whole grains
  • Lean protein
  • Fatty fish (like salmon, tuna, and mackerel)
  • Spices to help make food more flavorful

These are generally food groups that we all should incorporate into our diets, but they are especially important for seniors. My mother is lactose intolerant, so instead of milk and cheese, I always try to integrate some tofu, broccoli, or almonds into her meals. Almond milk is also a great substitute for cow’s milk, and is a good source of calcium – crucial for my mother’s aging bones. Fatty fish are also a valuable source of omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein. Usually for each individual meal that I prepare for her, I typically include a protein, a serving of vegetables, and then some whole grain bread on the side. I always leave her refrigerator stocked with lots of fruit that she can have as a snack or dessert. If I’m not around to make food for her, her caregiver Kelly from this senior care in Carmel IN helps to arrange a healthy, well-balanced lunch for my mother. I can rest easy at night knowing that at least what my mom does choose to eat is a healthy option for her.

Easy Lunch Ideas for Toddlers

pbj rollupIf your toddler is anything like mine, you probably understand the struggle that is getting him to eat new foods. If I fix him a plate with grapes, crackers, and a cut up hot dog, I know for a fact that he will eat the hot dog then insist that he isn’t hungry anymore and won’t eat the grapes or crackers. Until ten minutes later when he starts crying for “more hot dog!” I’ve figured out that if I give him his favorite food last, he’s more likely to eat the grapes and crackers first. But this doesn’t work for when I drop him off at his Belton preschool with his bagged lunch. Even under the guidance of his preschool teacher, I’m still concerned that he won’t eat all of his lunch, or he’ll eat unhealthy snacks offered by other preschoolers. And that’s when I had the great idea to make lunchtime into a mother-son activity. Since we started making creative lunches together, he’s been eating all of his lunch – and he’s even trying out some new foods. Success!

Usually I’d prefer to spend time with my son over making a week’s worth of lunches by myself, so by making lunches together, we get to kill two birds with one stone. He feels very grownup being able to choose what goes into his lunch (out of a selection of mommy-approved foods), and we love making fun shapes with sandwiches and vegetables. Here are a few examples of some of the foods we’ve made together:

  • PB&J Roll-Up:
    • This is one of his favorites. We take a whole-wheat tortilla, spread peanut butter and jelly, and then he gets to roll it up into a cylinder. Then I cut the roll-up into small, toddler-friendly pieces and pack them up into a sandwich baggie. Sometimes we like to substitute banana slices for jelly!
  • Chocolate Yogurt:
    • My son really wanted chocolate pudding one week, so I made him a bit of a compromise. We take a cup of plain or vanilla yogurt, and then he gets to mix in cocoa powder. Sometimes he dinosaur sandwichchooses to mix in yummy raspberries or strawberries – what a healthy dessert!
  • Sandwich Cutters:
    • We found these neat “cookie cutters” at our local dollar store once, and we love making sandwiches together and cutting them into fun shapes. His favorites are Elmo and Big Bird-shaped sandwiches. (And Elmo and Big Bird make it a lot easier for me to sneak some spinach into his sandwich!)

These are just a few ideas to get you and your toddler started, but there are many more ways to get creative with healthy lunches and have quality time with your kid at the same time! It’s a great way to make sure your child eats all of their lunch – especially the healthy parts.